The Pawn Game is one of the very first chess games you should practice when learning chess.

The Pawn Game is based on the Capture the Flag rules. You play it with pawns only.

It’s very easy to play, but try to keep in mind the three key chess strategy principles: attack, defense and safety!

You start from this position:

Pawn Game

Here are the rules:
1. White plays the first move. The pawns move as you have learned in the lesson about the Pawns (1 or 2 squares forward in their first move, or 1 square forward if that’s not their first move) and capture diagonally
2. The players take it in turns to move
3. You win if you get a pawn to the end of the board
4. You win if you take all the enemy pawns
5. You win if your opponent cannot make a move