This variant of Bughouse is a funny chess game to be played between teams of any even number.

Bughouse Variant Rules

This game requires at least two chess sets and two teams of two players (per team), but can be played between teams of any even number.

The rules are similar to the rules of Bughouse, with two very important differences:

1) the chess sets are setup side by side as in Bughouse, but the partners, adjacent to each other, have the same colors in this variant. Team A, on the right side, will be White, Team B, on the left side, will be Black (in Bughouse the colors are alternate on each side).

2) When a capture is made, the piece taken goes to the partner of the enemy team (in Bughouse, you hand over a captured piece to your partner, while in this variant of Bughouse you hand it over to your enemy’s partner).

Let’s make an example.

Walter and Willy play for White and sit adjacent to each other.

Bob and Billy play for Black and sit adjacent to each other.

Walter play against Bob, Billy against Willy.

If Walter takes the Black Queen from Bob, he must pass the Queen to Billy (his enemy’s partner).

As in Bughouse, the player can decide on his next turn whether to move on the board or drop the piece wherever on the board, even to check or checkmate the enemy King. As in Bughouse, pawns are the exception: they cannot be placed on 1st or 8th rank.

Placing a piece counts as a turn and can only be done when it’s your turn.

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