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What you find on Chess & Fun:

Chess Course For Beginners

An easy chess course for beginners. Learn the basics first, with step-by-step lessons (in plain English too). Go to the chess course.

Chess Puzzles

Quick quizzes and puzzles to challenge your skills while you learn playing chess. Go to the chess puzzles.

Chess Variants

Fun “chess” variants (games developed from standard chess) to develop your skills. Did you know there are over 1,600 variants of chess? Go to the chess variants.

Chess Strategy & Tactics Lessons

Lessons on the most common tactical motifs, the fundamentals of chess strategy, popular openings, and important endgame concepts. Go to the tactic lessons.

RALET Classes

If your kid is attending my RALET classes, find here calendar, tournament results and updates. Go to the RALET chess classes section.


My occasional posts on chess. Read the blog.