Capture the flag is a special chess game really useful to beginners. I’ll show you some possible combinations you can play with while you are learning the chess basic moves.

If you don’t remember them, please read the Capture the Flag rules before playing the following games.

Why is Capture the Flag useful?

Capture the Flag is not “traditional” chess – as rules are a bit different – but it’s an easy game that helps you to learn chess.

It can be played in different combinations. Progressing with them allows you to gradually handle the complexity of the game, and to think ahead.

I’m listing the possible combinations from the easiest to the most difficult:

Capture the Flag Games With Pawns Only

1 Pawn vs 1 Pawn

The very first game you can play is 1 pawn vs 1 pawn.

3 Pawns vs 3 Pawns

Other easy games can be played with 2-3 pawns per side, starting in different positions, as example:


5 Pawns vs 5 Pawns


8 Pawns vs 8 Pawns

Playing with 8 pawns (see the Pawn Game) is an interesting game.

Capture the Flag Games With Pawns vs 1 Piece

As long as you progress and learn how the pieces moves, you can start playing more interesting games with pawns vs 1 piece.

As each piece has its own value, it’s usually associated to a different number of pawns.

When a game finishes you should change colours and play again.

5 Pawns vs Rook

Start with 5 pawns vs 1 rook:


3 Pawns vs Bishop

Progress with 3 pawns vs 1 bishop:


3 Pawns vs Knight


8 Pawns vs Queen


Capture the Flag Games With Pawns & The Same Piece

It’s time to move ahead and play with pawns and pieces (rooks, bishops, knights, queen). Start with 1 piece, then increase to 2.

For example, you can play with 8 pawns and 1 rook each side:


Then move to 8 pawns and 2 rooks each side:


Then, play it with the bishops:


And play it with knights:


Capture the Flag Games With Pawns & Various Pieces

As soon as you master the game, move on to more difficult levels, mixing different pieces.

For example, you might play with pawns, rooks and bishops:


This is the most difficult capture the flag game:


Once you master this game, you can easily move to the traditional chess game, introducing the king, the check, the checkmate etc.