Three Checks Chess is a quick chess variant that helps you to improve your attacking ability and to develop your sacrifice tactics.

Three Checks Chess Rules

This game is a chess variant in which a player wins if he checks his opponent three times.

All the other standard chess rules apply, so you win also if you checkmate your opponent before he checks your King three times.

That’s it! It’s a very easy variant.

Why Is Three Checks Chess Useful?

Three Checks Chess is usually a quick game, and most of the time the game is over before the standard endgame.

You win in Three Checks Chess if you attack and put the enemy King under pressure, so it’s a good game to play if want to develop a more attacking approach.

It also will help you to improve your sacrifice skills. It’s very tactical; getting a check could be worth a piece or even more, and sacrifices are a quick way to check the King. In particular, sacrifices are often used for the second check, to get one step only far from the winning. But mind: losing precious pieces to get the 1st and 2nd check might weaken you too much and you might not be able to get the 3rd check.

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