Chess Beginners Class:

Lesson 1: The Chessboard and The Pawn Move
Lesson 2:Looking ahead
Lesson 3: The Rook Move
Lesson 4: The Bishop Move
Lesson 5: The Queen Move
Lesson 6: The Knight Move
Lesson 7: The King Move
Lesson 8: Check and Checkmate
Lesson 9: Pawn Promotion
Lesson 10: The Values of the Pieces

Chess Intermediate Class:

Lesson 11: Stalemate
Lesson 12: Castling
Lesson 13: En Passant
Lesson 14: Other ways to draw
Lesson 15: Starting the game
Lesson 16: Back rank mates
Lesson 17: Queen mates
Lesson 18: Attack and Defence
Lesson 19: Queen Forks
Lesson 20: Knight Forks

Chess Advanced Class:

Lesson 21: Skewers
Lesson 22: Pins: Winning Material
Lesson 23: Using Pins
Lesson 24: The Two Rook Checkmate
Lesson 25: Discovered Checks and Discovered Attacks
Lesson 26: Decoy and Destroy
Lesson 27: King and Queen Checkmate
Lesson 28: Mate in 2
Lesson 29: Basic Openings
Lesson 30: King and Rook Checkmate